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Warp Editor

Before the holidays, I came across a chic terminal replacement. Wave is very chic and offers many features. Unfortunately, it had one downside. It doesn’t support ZSH, so we were all a bit disappointed in the company.

But today, my colleague Jan came up with a new alternative, which he enthusiastically reported about in the Develop Channel on Slack, including a link. So, of course, we had to check it out right away. Yep, it looked very chic too. So, we tested it immediately. It’s about the Warp Terminal, which supports ZSH and also has good features.

  • Write with an IDE-style editor
  • Easily navigate through outputs
  • Save commands to reuse later
  • Ask Warp AI for explanations or debugging
  • Customize keybindings and launch configurations
  • Choose from preloaded themes or create your own

Installation via binary download or through Homebrew:

brew install --cask warp

After opening it, a login or registration screen appears. Those who wish can complete the onboarding survey.

In addition to appearance settings, it features a very large command palette, AI support, and session management. Sessions can be saved and restored. Settings can also be saved. This allows for custom setups for different use cases. In the Dev environment, everything is green, and when working in Prod, everything turns red, so you know when to be cautious.

Warp is very powerful, and today was just a first look and initial settings were made.

There will definitely be a follow-up post about it, including some tips and more information about individual features.

Rüdiger Küpper
DevOps Engineer & CISO @ Mogenius